Bob Lusk

April 15, 2014

THE EDGE – Episode 182 – Dr. Doug Jordan

  Dr. Doug Jordan joins Bass Edge Radio presented by MegaWare KeelGuard for an episode of advanced education. Bass Edge hosts Aaron Martin and Kurt Dove talk to Dr. Jordan […]
June 18, 2009

THE EDGE – Episode 114 – Mark Zona & Bob Lusk

  Hosts Aaron Martin & Steve Brigman discuss weekend fishing and broken bones. We talk smallmouths with tournament angler and ESPN host Mark Zona. We answer a listener sunscreen question. […]
June 1, 2009

THE EDGE – Episode 111 – George Cochran & Bob Lusk

  Hosts Aaron Martin & Steve Brigman discuss night fishing. Bass fishing hall of fame member George Cochran visits to look at changes in fishing & post spawn tactics. Pond […]
February 27, 2009

THE EDGE – Episode 98 – David Wolak & Bob Lusk

  Expanding on this week’s television show B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Dave Wolak and host Aaron Martin head east to Lake Murray in South Carolina. Fisheries Biologist Bob Lusk returns to […]
January 22, 2009

THE EDGE – Episode 93 – Jonathon VanDam & Bob Lusk

  Collegiate Angler Jonathon VanDam speaks with Aaron about their day fishing Lake Vermilion for the latest episode of our television show. Bob Lusk covers how to recognize different types […]
November 7, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 83 – Aaron Martens and Bob Lusk

  The two Aaron’s finally meet! Bass Edge host Aaron Martin interviews BASS Elite Pro Aaron Martens covering tips for catching bass under any condition. Bob Lusk is back with […]
October 17, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 80 – Skeet Reese & Bob Lusk

  BASS Elite Angler Skeet Reese discusses his background, mental toughness and consistency. Fisheries biologist Bob Lusk is back discussing boat electronics and their impact on fish. Pete Ponds answers […]
October 3, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 78 – Rick Clunn & Bob Lusk

  We speak with the “Dean” of bass fishing, Rick Clunn, about fall fishing and the mathematics of shallow angling. Bob Lusk is back to elaborate on fall transitions. Kurt […]
September 19, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 76 – Jared Lintner & Bob Lusk

  B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Jared Lintner joins us from California to discuss his background, adapting on Lake Guntersville, and the mental side of fishing. Fisheries Biologist Bob Lusk returns to […]
August 15, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 71 – John VanDam & Bob Lusk

  Aaron & Dan discuss fall angling. CBAA Angler John VanDam talks about the CBAA organization and provides plenty of smallmouth bass fishing tips. Fisheries Biologist Bob Lusk returns with […]
August 2, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 69 – Kim Bain & Bob Lusk

  Hosts Aaron & Dan talk smallmouth fishing & fishing frogs in Minnesota. WBT Pro Kim Bain covers her history, the WBT, and flipping the sweet beaver creature bait. Fisheries […]
July 21, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 67 – Bill McDonald & Bob Lusk

  Hosts Aaron and Dan discuss beating the heat by fishing at night. Bill McDonald returns with plenty of general tips about fishing shallow and tackling the Ohio River. Fisheries […]
June 21, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 62 – Sean Hoernke & Bob Lusk

  Aaron speaks with FLW Angler Sean Hoernke about his recent win at Lake Norman and tips on how to get into the sport of bass fishing. Fisheries Biologist Bob […]
May 30, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 60 – Fred Roumbanis & Bob Lusk

  Hosts Aaron & Dan look at fishing out of smaller water craft. B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Fred Roumbanis dicusses his recent win at Lake Murray. Fisheries Biologist Bob Lusk discussed […]
April 27, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 55 – Scott Suggs & Bob Lusk

  2008 FLW Champion Scott Suggs joins us to discuss what it’s like to win a million dollars and how he prepares for each tournament. Pond Boss Editor and Fisheries […]