Troy Heckaman

October 24, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 81 – Tim Horton & Troy Heckaman

  Aaron and Dan discuss “Project Hookup” and Bass Edge in Vegas. BASS Elite Angler Tim Horton talks about fishing patterns versus spots. Troy Heckaman brings us up to speed […]
August 8, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 70 – Jerry Green & Troy Heckaman

  FLW Pro Jerry Green joins The Edge this week to discuss versatility on the water. CBAA head Troy Heckaman provides another update on what’s happening in the world of […]
June 21, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 63 – Denny Brauer & Troy Heckaman

  Hosts Aaron and Dan attempt to explain what a widget is. B.A.S.S. Elite Pro and industry legend Denny Brauer joins us to discuss how he prepares and presents a […]
March 22, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 50 – Terry Bolton & Troy Heckaman

  Hosts Aaron and Dan discuss picking out a trolling motor. FLW Pro Terry Bolton covers searching for bass on Clark’s Hill under changing conditions. Inside Edge gets a CBAA […]
January 26, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 42 – Sean Hoernke & Troy Heckaman

  FLW Pro Sean Hoernke shares his knowledge on fishing large bodies of water as they expand this weeks tv show on Lake Erie. Troy Heckaman with the CBAA discusses […]