Rick Loomis

August 14, 2009

THE EDGE – Episode 121 – Rick Loomis

  Hosts Aaron Martin and Steve Brigman talk about fishing ponds in Oklahoma. Lake Fork guide and expert Rick Loomis is back to discuss big bass and night fishing. We […]
May 9, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 57 – Rick Loomis & Steve Shasserre

  Rick Loomis discusses how to best locate fish in changing weather conditions. Steve Shasserre of SuperStart Batteries clarifies the difference between cold cranking amps and marine cranking amps and […]
August 27, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 24 – Rick Loomis & iCast Interviews Round 2

  Aaron lists off his top 10 go-to baits. Noted Lake Fork guide Rick Loomis discusses night fishing and utilizing the shady side of the moon. We give away some […]