August 15, 2018

Howell’s Go-To Sight Fishing Baits

Bass Pro Shops Pro Randy Howell shows and explains the Gary Yamamoto soft plastic baits he uses for sight fishing. Shop Gary Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog at Bass Pro Shops. Uploaded By: Bass Pro Shop […]
August 1, 2018

DeFoe Likes Fishing a Maribou Hair Jig

Ott DeFoe, Bass Pro Shops Fishing Pro, has a very odd presentation and sure works. Hear what he has to say about using a maribou hair jigs for smallmouth bass. […]
July 15, 2018

Brandon Lester’s Wacky Neko Rig

Bassmaster Elite Series fishing pro Brandon Lester explains why the Wacky Neko Rig and the Mustad TitanX Finesse Wacky/Neko Hook is so effective during the springtime. Uploaded By: Bass Pro Shop 1Source
July 1, 2018

What Bass Love to Eat

Bass will eat almost anything they can get their mouth around. In this video we’ll serve up a simple menu served in this fish’s underwater cafe. Shop lures and baits at […]
June 15, 2018

Ott’s Trick to Solo Launching a Boat

Ott DeFoe, professional angler in the Bassmaster Elite Series and Bass Pro Shops Fishing Pro launches his boat many times by hisself. He’s figured out a few tricks to make […]
June 1, 2018

Evers Favorite Spinning Rod Set-Ups

Bass Pro Shops Pro Edwin Evers talks about his favorite set ups he’s uses and the new Johnny Morris Patriot Spinning Rods. Uploaded By: Edwin Evers and Bass Pro Shop 1Source
May 15, 2018

Evers’ Tip: Best Line-Ups to Fish a Bank

Bass Pro Shops Pro Edwin Evers discusses and demonstrates how to approach a bank to fish. For improved fishing success you need to know when to parallel a bank or […]
May 1, 2018

The Megabass is Evers’ New Secret Fishing Weapon

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Edwin Evers debuts the new Megabass Dark Sleeper swimbait but he thinks of it as a jig. The Megabass Dark Sleeper is his new secret weapon. In this […]
April 15, 2018

Wacky Riggin with Ott DeFoe

Bass Pro Shops Fishing Pro Ott DeFoe shows and explains the effectiveness of the wacky worm. Also, check out Bass Pro Shops fishing gear here or find Ott’s fishing tackle through these […]
April 1, 2018

Horton Finds a School of Big Fish With Down Imaging

Fishing Pro Timmy Horton shows a side-by-side comparison of regular 2D sonar and Down Imaging viewing a nice size scholl of fish. Enjoy his excitement as he snags a lunker […]

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