July 23, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 19 – Steve Clapper & Legend Boats

  Hosts Aaron Martin and Outdoors Dan interview FLW Pro Angler Steve Clapper on techniques to use when tackling Lake Erie including handling the weather, bait and line choices, and […]
July 16, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 18 – Joe Mitchell & Ardent

  Joe Mitchell discusses fishing the Red River including tackling the mud, current, bait selection, and more. Jake Tippee with Ardent Reels discusses reel selection, their new products introduced at […]
July 6, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 17 – Lisa Craig & Dr. Fish Jay McNamara

  WBT Pro Lisa Craig lends a female perspective on competitive angling including information on the women’s bass tour, getting started, preparation, gear, techniques, and more. Dr. Jay McNamara wraps […]
June 20, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 16 – Peter T. & Dr. Fish Jay McNamara

  All time great Peter T discusses his background, finding a pattern, tournaments and more during a break in his tournament schedule last fall. We give away a Cooks Tackle […]
June 13, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 15 – Jeff Reynolds & Fred Ulrich

    B.A.S.S Pro and competitive roper Jeff Reynolds discusses a variety of techniques he uses to locate fish and managing both angling and roping circuits. We speak with Fred […]
May 31, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 14 – Jason Quinn & JR Isom

  Pro Jason Quinn discusses his background, tips to introduce kids to the sport, and keys to his success. We give away a $160 Keeluard! JR Isom, winner of the […]
May 21, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 13 – Kenyon Hill & Solarbat

  We catch up with B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Kenyon Hill on juggling the demands of a professional angler, establishing a pattern, crankbaits, line choice, and more. Matt Mulden with Solarbat […]
May 10, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 12 – Ken Brodeur & Rick Dalby

  B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Ken Brodeur talks about switching from saltwater fishing to freshwater and techniques he has brought along the way. Rich Dalby of Ads-On-The-Go discusses the popularity of […]
May 4, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 11 – Mark Tucker and V&M Baits

  B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Mark Tucker joins us to discusses a variety of topics including how he approaches a multitude of lakes, keeping fit, and the future of the sport. […]
April 25, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 10 – David Johnson & Sure Life

  Aaron provides his thoughts on the recent PAA event at Lake Fork in Texas. We cover techniques for success using lipless crankbaits with 25-year tournament veteran David Johnson. Product […]

Bass Edge’s THE EDGE is a weekly podcast that focuses on techniques, tips, and inside product knowledge that will help improve your fishing success. Each week we interview a different top pro angler and focus on a bait or technique in which they specialize. We also interview a product expert who provides in depth information on a particular product or service that may effect your success on the water. This audio program started as a compliment to the Bass Edge television show which aired weekly on the Outdoor Channel.  Please check out Season 1, 2, and 3 DVD’s in our online store.