October 15, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 31 – Rick Clunn & Lee Bailey Jr.

  Fishing Legend, Rick Clunn sits down with Bass Edge Editor Steve Brigman to discuss confidence and the importance of mental strength. Lee Bailey Jr. stops by to discuss the […]
October 8, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 30 – Terry Bolton & PAA

  FLW Angler Terry Bolton discusses fishing structure in shallow and deep waters across the country. Craig Lamb of the Professional Anglers Association joins us to discuss the growth of […]
September 29, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 29 – Ken Brodeur & G-Loomis Rods

  B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Ken Brodeur returns with information on bass movement with temperature transitions, baits to use, and more. Brian Hemsley from G-Loomis Rods discusses features to look for […]
September 24, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 28 – Andy Morgan & Anglers Advantage Insurance

  FLW Angler Andy Morgan discusses flipping and pitching, go-to baits, and diversity on the water. We give away a Keelguard valued at over $150. Tim Bankston from Anglers Advantage […]
September 17, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 27 – Boyd Duckett & Dr. Fish Jay McNamara

  Reigning BassMasters Classic Champion Boyd Duckett joins us to discuss making good mental decisions, flipping big weights, and fishing grass. Dr. Jay McNamara, author and In The Zone host, […]
September 10, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 26 – Alton Jones & Viscious Line

  Hosts Dan and Aaron are joined by B.A.S.S. Elite Competitor Alton Jones to discuss the adventures and obstacles of fishing the backs of creeks. Also Keith Nesmith of Vicious […]
September 4, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 25 – Brian Snowden & iCast Interviews Round 3

  B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Brian Snowden and Aaron talk about changes in patterns heading into September. Aaron and Steve discuss small rivers and the challenge of summertime fishing. Also Steve […]
August 27, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 24 – Rick Loomis & iCast Interviews Round 2

  Aaron lists off his top 10 go-to baits. Noted Lake Fork guide Rick Loomis discusses night fishing and utilizing the shady side of the moon. We give away some […]
August 21, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 23 – Kurt Dove & iCast Interviews Round 1

  B.A.S.S. Elite Pro and tidal water expert Kurt Dove joins Dan and Aaron to discuss the spawning patterns and movements of bass at the Potomac River in Virginia. Steve […]
August 13, 2007

THE EDGE – Episode 22 – Bill McDonald & Steve Brigman

  Aaron and Dan speak with Stren Series Competitor Bill McDonald about factors of summer time fishing. Aaron talks about the FLW Cup. Also Bass Edge’s Publishing Editor Steve Brigman […]

Bass Edge’s THE EDGE is a weekly podcast that focuses on techniques, tips, and inside product knowledge that will help improve your fishing success. Each week we interview a different top pro angler and focus on a bait or technique in which they specialize. We also interview a product expert who provides in depth information on a particular product or service that may effect your success on the water. This audio program started as a compliment to the Bass Edge television show which aired weekly on the Outdoor Channel.  Please check out Season 1, 2, and 3 DVD’s in our online store.