November 7, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 83 – Aaron Martens and Bob Lusk

  The two Aaron’s finally meet! Bass Edge host Aaron Martin interviews BASS Elite Pro Aaron Martens covering tips for catching bass under any condition. Bob Lusk is back with […]
November 4, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 82 – Dave Wolak & Lowrance Electronics

  Aaron and Dan make a big announcement for Bass Edge. BASS Elite Pro Dave Wolak discusses how he prepares to fish a body of water. Larry Byrd from Lowrance […]
October 24, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 81 – Tim Horton & Troy Heckaman

  Aaron and Dan discuss “Project Hookup” and Bass Edge in Vegas. BASS Elite Angler Tim Horton talks about fishing patterns versus spots. Troy Heckaman brings us up to speed […]
October 17, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 80 – Skeet Reese & Bob Lusk

  BASS Elite Angler Skeet Reese discusses his background, mental toughness and consistency. Fisheries biologist Bob Lusk is back discussing boat electronics and their impact on fish. Pete Ponds answers […]
October 11, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 79 – Stacey King & Mark Jeffries

  Hosts Aaron and Dan discuss fall angling. Fishing legend Stacey King discusses patterns and techniques for the fall transition. Bass Zone founder Mark Jeffries discusses the mission and hard […]
October 3, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 78 – Rick Clunn & Bob Lusk

  We speak with the “Dean” of bass fishing, Rick Clunn, about fall fishing and the mathematics of shallow angling. Bob Lusk is back to elaborate on fall transitions. Kurt […]
September 26, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 77 – Mark Tucker & Major Cody Roberson

  Hosts Aaron and Dan talk about fall fish activity. B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Mark Tucker joins us to talk about staying fit and provides pointers on jigs. Major Cody Roberson […]
September 19, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 76 – Jared Lintner & Bob Lusk

  B.A.S.S. Elite Angler Jared Lintner joins us from California to discuss his background, adapting on Lake Guntersville, and the mental side of fishing. Fisheries Biologist Bob Lusk returns to […]
September 12, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 75 – Dion Hibdon & Jay McNamara

  Fishing legend Dion Hibdon visits The Edge to discuss fishing with his dad, entering the sport, fishing at a slow pace, and more. Sports Psychologist Jay Mcnamara returns to […]
September 5, 2008

THE EDGE – Episode 74 – Steve Kennedy and American Eagle Rods

  B.A.S.S. and FLW angler Steve Kennedy tells us how he got his start in professional fishing and shares his thoughts on the sport. Drew Patterson from American Eagle Rods […]

Bass Edge’s THE EDGE is a weekly podcast that focuses on techniques, tips, and inside product knowledge that will help improve your fishing success. Each week we interview a different top pro angler and focus on a bait or technique in which they specialize. We also interview a product expert who provides in depth information on a particular product or service that may effect your success on the water. This audio program started as a compliment to the Bass Edge television show which aired weekly on the Outdoor Channel.  Please check out Season 1, 2, and 3 DVD’s in our online store.