THE EDGE – 405 JT Thompkins

adrian avena
THE EDGE – 404 Adrian Avena
July 17, 2023
Matt Stefan 2023 Mississippi River MLF Invitational Champion
THE EDGE – 406 Matt Stefan
August 15, 2023

Episode 405 – August 1, 2023

Bass Edge Radio, presented by Megaware KeelGuard. Here we Go! After a small spell of downtime from tournaments the organizations have had lots of events in the second half of July so there is plenty to talk about and discuss in this show! We begin this episode with a breakdown of current events and happenings from the BASS Elite Series, MLF Invitationals, BASS Opens and the NPFL.

Then we dive into a great interview with the BASS Opens EQ Angler of the Year leader JT Thompkins. JT brings the goods on what it takes to be a successful up and coming angler. Kurt and JT also discuss how the game is changing generationally and what it means to attempt to become successful in Triple A events as the sport of bass fishing evolves. There is also an interesting discussion on how much technology is too much and could a limit on the use of it be coming in the sport?

Finally, Kurt breaks down the 2 big events coming in the next couple weeks with the MLF Bass Pro Tour wrapping up the regular season right now at Sturgeon Bay and the MLF Toyota Series taking on 1000 Islands out of Messina, NY.

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