THE EDGE – 404 Adrian Avena

THE EDGE – 403 Nick Hatfield
July 1, 2023
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THE EDGE – 405 JT Thompkins
August 1, 2023

Episode 404 – July 17, 2023

Bass Edge Radio, presented by Megaware KeelGuard, kicks off with a recap of a few products launched at ICAST 2023 and Kurt provides insight on his thoughts of the manufacturer show. You will want to hear his understanding of where manufacturers are heading and some of the hot techniques being talked about amongst the pros and retailers.

With a big gap in tournament action in the first half of July, Kurt rolls right into the Feature Angler Spotlight with MLF/BPT Stage 5 Cayuga Champion, New Jersey Pro Angler Adrian Avena. Adrian talks about his thoughts on realizing his goal to become a national tournament champion as well as addressing some of the feedback about the MLF/BPT Cayuga event on social media.

Kurt discusses with Adrian the shift in northern smallmouth behavior patterns from the spawn to post spawn and then mid-summer patterns. Adrian breaks down how water currents effect the feeding habits of fish and how he determines where they are positioned. This conservation turns into great insight for the Bassmaster Open anglers that will fish on the St. Lawrence River just a few days after this podcast airs.

Lastly there is an interesting discussion on open water forward facing sonar techniques to locate smallmouth as well as his ‘house domination’ occurring on the Bass Pro Tour.

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