Top 3 Lures for Spring Time Bass With Alton Jones Jr.

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Top 3 Lures for Spring Time Bass With Alton Jones Jr.

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Alton Jones Jr. grew up fishing the shallow waters throughout Texas. He loves chasing bass in the shallows. Spring is the time of the year when bass are primarily found in less than 10 feet of water, so, it’s the perfect season for Jones to share his three favorite baits for bass in the spring.

Yum Dinger

“My favorite lure to use in the spring is a 6-inch Yum Dinger,” said Jones. “The green pumpkin with purple flake is my favorite. I’ll Texas-rig it using a ⅛-ounce bullet weight pegged and tied with a snell knot to a 4/0 flipping hook.

“I use braid and 20-pound fluorocarbon leader, and a Kistler Helium 3 7-foot medium heavy rod with fast action. It lets me pitch and skip the lure with a lot of accuracy.

“That bait is perfect if fish are on the beds. You pitch it on there and shake it. You can also fish it around docks, in the brush, pretty much anywhere there is shallow cover.”

Yum Bad Mamma

“The Bad Mamma is another favorite of mine,” states Jones. “In the same color as the Yum Dinger with the same rod and line set up. This time, I tie a 3/0 flipping hook with a snell knot and use a ¼-ounce weight pegged.

“I fish it in the same cover as the Yum Dinger.”

Booyah Pad Crasher or Toadrunner Junior

“I like using the Pad Crasher or Toadrunner Junior in the shallows as well,” says Jones. “I like to fish it very slowly. I’ll cast it up the bank and use a very subtle and slow retrieve.

“I prefer the sunburn or shad frog colors. I use braid and a Kistler 7’1” heavy action rod for my frog fishing.”