THE EDGE – 400 Alton Jones Jr.

THE EDGE – 399 Jake Lawrence
May 1, 2023
THE EDGE – 401 Jacob Wall
June 1, 2023

Alton Jones Jr.’s Dominating MLF/Heavey Hitters Performance and Grae Bucks early 2023 success fishing the MLF/Invitationals

In this episode, we kick things off in the Showcase with Grae Buck, an MLF/Invitational Pro, who will be discussing his 2023 success and breaking down the strategies that have worked for him on the water. Grae shares his insights and techniques that have propelled him into the top 5 of the current Angler of the Year standings. Discover how he maintains positive momentum and adapts to different tournament conditions. If you’re eager to learn from a successful angler, this segment is a must-watch!

Next up, we have Alton Jones Jr in our Feature Angler Spotlight, the 2023 MLF Heavy Hitters Champion. Prepare to be amazed as Alton recounts his dominating performance and the factors that led to his incredible win on Bussey Brake Reservoir in LA. Find out what was going through his mind on Championship Day as his lead kept growing. Learn about his bait selection, techniques, and expertise that made all the difference. We also delve into Geecrack, a highly effective but lesser-known JDM lure brand, and explore its unique features and advantages.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, you’ll gain valuable insights from our guests’ experiences and learn techniques to enhance your own success on the water.

Join us for an action-packed episode filled with fishing strategies, expert tips, and exciting stories. Don’t miss out on this captivating episode of Bass Edge Radio, listen up for educational content from the world of bass fishing!