THE EDGE – 391 Brandon Palaniuk

THE EDGE – 390 Alex Wetherell
December 15, 2022
THE EDGE – 392 Jeremy Lawyer
January 15, 2023

Bass Edge Radio, presented by Megaware KeelGuard busts into 2023 with the ‘King of the Hill’ from 2022. We are stoked to have 2022 BASS Elite Series Angler of the Year Brandon Palaniuk as the featured Angler Spotlight in this top-rated podcast. Bass Edge hosts Aaron Martin and Kurt Dove discuss with Brandon ways he will look to improve in 2023 and his thoughts from years past to the present. In our new Showcase segment we hear from Alex Moon of Mystery Tackle Box to gain a better understanding of what this popular subscription tackle box service provides and some benefits it can have to your angling. Kick your 2023 bass fishing game into gear with Bass Edge Radio!