Swimming Jigs with Dave Wolak

THE EDGE – Episode 213 – Brandon Coulter
August 1, 2015
THE EDGE – Episode 214 – Carl Jocumsen
August 15, 2015

A buzzbait becomes a great option for fishing aquatic vegetation, especially in the fall. Its ability to ride high on the water with an upturned single hook prevents the lure from bogging down in the bassedgeweeds and the ruckus it makes as it buzzes along the surface triggers bass into biting. Conditions in the fall are also ideal for buzzbaits since bass have moved into the cooler shallows and are gorging on shad.

“The shad migration is a big thing in the fall,” Bassmaster Elite Series pro Dave Wolak says. “The baitfish move into the creeks and are followed by bass, which set up in the weeds to establish ambush points.