Should I Stay or Should I Go

THE EDGE – Episode 207 – Dave Lefebre
May 1, 2015
THE EDGE – Episode 208 – Marty Robinson
May 15, 2015

Fishing provides unlimited opportunities for showcasing decision making skills.  Beginning with pre-trip planning of map study, lodging accommodations and navigation of your travel route, to Bassedge Clock Boatchoosing a starting point on the water and selecting effective baits are all factored into the mix.

Even with well thought out plans, feelings of uneasiness and apprehension about future occurrences can overcome anglers.  When the fish are not responding favorably, anxiety suddenly creeps in and doubt begins eroding confidence leaving nothing sacred.  Areas that were previously holding active fish, have suddenly turned dormant.  Lures formerly yielding hefty limits are now out of vogue.

These dilemmas haunt most whom venture out in search of the most popular fresh-water fish but their effects can be minimized by adopting some basic applications. Dr. Jay McNamara, L.P., author of “The Psychology of Exceptional Fishing