Follow shad to more bass

THE EDGE – Episode 215 – James Elam
September 1, 2015
THE EDGE – Episode 216 – Richie Moschella
September 15, 2015

Veteran tournament pro Mark Davis learned years ago he could not always depend on bass behavior to help him catch more bass. basssedge Mark Davis

Studying the behavior of bass forage, however, such as gizzard and threadfin shad, provided a much more dependable way to find largemouths, so the former Bassmaster Classic winner has literally spent years studying baitfish habits and movements. His favorite fishing time, not surprisingly, occurs during the autumn months when shad make their annual migration into tributary creeks as water begins to cool.

“Even though this migration is predictable, it can still present problems to bass fishermen because the shad, and the bass following them, pretty much let water temperature guide them,