Denny Brauer’s scaled-down jig tricks

THE EDGE – Episode 210 – Joe Sancho
June 15, 2015
THE EDGE – Episode 211 – Chris Zaldain
July 1, 2015

The finesse jig craze has just about every bass angler pitching a tiny jig to bass hideouts nowadays.BassEdge Denny Brauer

Even Denny Brauer, a master of flipping and pitching with bulky jigs and heavy tackle, resorts to the diminutive jig when he encounters gin-clear water conditions. However, Brauer has a different theory on downsizing when it comes to jig selection. Some anglers will start with a conventional jig for pitching and flipping and then downsize to a finesse jig for fishing the same body of water. Rather than switch to a finesse model though, Brauer usually sticks with his 1/2- or 3/8-ounce jigs and scales down his flipping tactics by making alterations to the lure and trailer.

The Missouri angler believes problems arise when switching from a standard-size jig to a finesse version.

“You are making sacrifices just to get a smaller profile bait, and those sacrifices usually get an angler in trouble,