A deeper look into deep-cycle batteries

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January 1, 2015
THE EDGE – Episode 200 – Boyd Duckett
January 15, 2015

Many of us serious bass anglers know that the difference between a starting and a deep-cycle battery is more than what it says on the label. The internal design of the battery really does make abassedge difference in the type of service it provides.

For those of us who are still not sure this is true, try trolling with a starting battery while powering your livewell, GPS, fish finder and radio for extended periods. Chances are you may be getting the paddles out to help you get back to shore. The notion that having a starting battery with high marine cranking amps will cover all your trolling and electronic accessory loads will quickly fade after the battery wears out with extended use. Starting batteries are made with thinner plates because you need the power off of their surface to start the engine. This will provide you dependable starting service time and time again if you refrain from using the battery for excessive drains from too many accessory loads. Starting batteries are just not made to withstand continual deep discharging.

Extended trolling and accessory loads are demanding power drains and can provide a great deal of wear and tear on the wrong battery. Especially in boats, where vibration and excessive jolting are a continual occurrence, batteries need to be equipped to withstand tough conditions while handling long, deep discharges. Even a poorly made deep-cycle battery won’t last long in these types of conditions.

Super Start has a dependable line of deep-cycle batteries that have been especially made to withstand demanding marine use. Instead of just focusing on one aspect of the battery’s design to enhance deep-cycle performance, Super Start deep-cycle batteries incorporate numerous features that make it one tough battery. Many deep-cycle batteries have a thicker battery plate with more active material, but Super Start takes it one step further with batteries that incorporate a special fiberglass mat wrapped around the positive plate. The glass fibers from this mat actually embed themselves into the surface of the plate to act as an extra reinforcement against plate deterioration, a major cause of short life in a deep-cycle battery.Super Start deep-cycle batteries also have heavy duty full-frame grids and deep-pocket plate separators. These features also help protect the battery plates, even when the battery undergoes deep discharges or continual recharging. Exclusive demineralized electrolyte makes sure harmful impurities don’t impede the battery’s performance and life.

If you want the most out of your battery, taking a deeper look into a deep-cycle battery is a must for dependable trolling or accessory power. And don’t forget, deep-cycle batteries do have starting power. If the marine cranking ratings match your engine requirements, you can get dependable starting in addition to deep-cycle performance.

Most importantly, if you decide a deep-cycle battery is what you need, make sure you get one you can trust. Super Start deep-cycle batteries give you hours of worry-free trolling, power for your many accessories and provide the dependable performance necessary to make the most out of your priceless time on the water.

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