A Bass Angler’s Tournament Morning Top 10 Checklist

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A Bass Angler’s Tournament Morning Top 10 Checklist

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NITRO boats Elite Pro Josh Bertrand

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Every professional bass angler’s tournament morning checklist is different, and it may be helpful to you to see how a NITRO boats Elite pro gets ready for a day of competitive fishing. Here’s a list of the top ten—but not all—items I check off the list before heading out to fish.

1. Caffeine (usually coffee).

2. Healthy, energy-packed breakfast.

3. Make sure all batteries are fully charged on boat.

4. Make sure gas and oil are completely full on boat.

5. Launch boat 1 hour before takeoff to make sure everything is functioning properly.

6. Organize fishing rods and pull out any rods I plan to use during the day.

7. Make sure all hooks are sharp and fresh.

8. Prep any extra hard bait boxes or soft bait bags I may use during the day and make them easily accessible.

9. Organize cull tags, scale, and balance beam to be ready for fish management.

10. Look at Garmin GPS & Sonar mapping and visualize the first run of the day.

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